Technically, my beauty experiment lasted for a little more than a year. It was a strange, uncomfortable thirteen months, and while I'd like to report that it magically cured me of beauty craziness, it did not. What happened was more like what happens when you stare at those postersize optical illusions, the ones that look like a chaos of computergenerated black dotsat first.

Could it be that thousands of people are interested in unwearable sadomasochistic costumes? Perhaps in the midst of the heat wave, when comfort trumps fashion, a desire to gaze upon clothes made of heavy, uncomfortable fabrics, leathers, and metals overtakes museumgoers otherwise content to gaze upon Renoirs and Van Goghs. Maybe looking at bodices so constricting even a skinny model fainted while wearing one at a 2008 McQueen show offers relief. Their air conditioning may be on the blink, but at least these art lovers are wearing cotton Tshirts and not passing out..

McQueen's creations hang on mannequins who either lack faces or whose faces are completely effaced by wigs, hats, or  most commonly  masks made from black leather or armor. I admit knowing little about fashion, but at a minimum I expect runway creations to share some wisp of resemblance to garments worn by real people. In Savage Beauty, you will see a corset made of aluminum and black leather with a protruding tail, a bodice made entirely of mussel shells, and a football helmet and matching shoulder pads painted with pink and green designs.

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That means, for every pair of Air Jordans that are sold, Michael Jordan receives 5 dollars. The price of marketing is included when calculating the final cost of the shoe (as are the costs for the designer and other socalled "soft" costs.) The cheapest Nike may only cost 7 dollars to make, but Nike has to incorporate these other expenses plus profit before it comes out with the price of the shoe that you'll see on the sales floor. Many people have criticized Nike for this inflation in prices.floretta fitflop